Holiday Gift Guide For Height Increasing Sneakers

With just under two months left until the Christmas holidays, the time for gift-giving is upon us. 

In the US, Black Friday (November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving) can be seen as the official start to the season, followed by the internationally celebrated Cyber Monday where all sorts of sites post deals and discounts on all sorts of products.

While some people like to wait to see if their favorite brands put up a special sale, others want to get ahead of the game and make their purchases early. Whichever camp you fall into, we’re here to help by providing you with this Holiday Gift Guide for Height Increasing Sneakers.

Here you’ll find a breakdown of what to expect when giving elevator shoes as a gift, along with a number of recently released styles that are sure to complement his wardrobe for the coming year. 

Who To Buy Height Increasing Sneakers For

Society has made it plenty clear that high heels for women are acceptable. They’re fashionable, they’re bold statement pieces, and they help women to stand taller than they normally would otherwise.

However, we’re coming around more slowly to the idea that men should be afforded the same stylish lift. With well-designed and subtle elevator shoes, though, men can enjoy the height boost without being subjected to the same scrutiny as they might otherwise. 

That opens up the gift-giving potential of these sneakers to the men in your life who you think could benefit from a little boost, like:

  • Family – Maybe your father has mentioned wanting to feel more confident for a big event, or your brother is trying to fit in at a new office place.
  • Significant others or partners – For the person you’re closest to, their self-esteem can be the most attractive part about them. These sneakers can be a great way to boost it for them.
  • Friends –  With friends, we can be ourselves. We hear their struggles. And we share our struggles with them. Show that you’ve been listening by gifting them a pair of height-increasing sneakers.

How To Know If Height Increasing Sneakers Are Right For Him

‘Tis the season to surprise your guy with a gift, but how can you know if he’ll be receptive to height-increasing sneakers?

Here are a few tips to help recognize who’ll be open to these kind s of shoes:

  • If he’s ever mentioned being sensitive about his height or wanting to feel more confident
  • If he’s ever talked about what kind of clothes help him look slimmer or taller
  • If he’s made comments about his partner not being able to wear high heels 
  • If he’s looked into elevator shoes for himself

Whether it’s the curiosity to try something new or the frustration over his height, any of the above indicators suggest he’ll be more than ready to rock a pair of elevator sneakers.

On the other hand, if he hasn’t mentioned any of the above and you’re giving him the gift because you think he needs them, you run the risk of hurting his feelings or bruising his ego. If that’s the case, it would be better to have a conversation to fully understand where he’s at and if he’s open to trying this kind of confidence booster.

How Much Of A Height Boost Is Possible With Height Increasing Sneakers

One of the things to keep in mind when buying height-increasing sneakers as a gift is that you’re not just choosing the size of the shoe – you’re also choosing the height.

Though the standard height boost available through an elevator shoe company like Shoes That Make You Taller is 6 cm, you’ll find there are a number of shoes available with 8 cm, or even 10 cm of boost, too. 

What’s more, many models offer your choice between sizes. This is ideal for those who already know how comfortable the recipient of the shoes is with height-increasing sneakers. If they already wear them and prefer a certain height, your job is that much easier – just pick the style you know they’ll love.

If it’s their first pair, you can err on the shorter side so they have time to adjust to the style of walking that comes with an elevated insole.

Best Height Increasing Sneakers For Office Wear

In 2021, we saw sneakers having a real fashion moment. That’s a trend we’re sure will carry on through 2022, so below we have three of our favorite elevator sneakers that will let you switch up your style in the office.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Office Wear #1: White Elevator Sneakers

Enjoy a fresh, everyday office look with White Elevator Sneakers. Keep them clean, and this versatile pair of white sneakers with black trim can be used on a regular basis. Pair with fitted denim like the look above, or try them with chinos in a variety of colors. 

With this comfortable pair of height-increasing sneakers, you’ll have styling options that also allow you to show up each day feeling confident.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Office Wear #2: Men’s Leather Casual Shoes With Height

Dress up with these Men’s Leather Casual Shoes With Height. With the sleek designs and built-in elevator insole, these shoes will help you stand taller in the office without anyone knowing your secret. Their low-profile design also ensures you’ll be able to wear them with slacks, chinos, jeans, and even suits.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Office Wear #3: Men’s Leather Low Top Sneakers That Add Height

Sleek Men’s Leather Low Top Sneakers That Add Height let you turn up the fashion for Casual Friday. With the burnished toes and handsome hardware details, these sneakers are elevated above the normal expectations we have for sneakers. Speaking of elevated, they also come with a standard 6 cm (2.3”) boost to give your step a little more pep.

The handsome gray coloring also combines well with most other colors, including black, denim, and khaki, meaning this pair of shoes will fit in effortlessly with his wardrobe.

Best Height Increasing Sneakers For Casual Outings

For those looking for sneakers that not only give a little height boost but also a stylish flair, we’ve got you covered. Below are three of our favorite pairs for going out on the town.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Casual Outings #1: Yeezy Sneakers That Make You Taller

One of our favorites for this coming year, these Yeezy Sneakers That Make You Taller are a fashion statement that looks as good as they are comfortable. Enjoy the knit uppers and tie-free design for a snug fit around town. Plus, the elevator insole adds 6 cm (2.3”) of boost so you can feel confident cruising from brunch to backyard parties and more.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Casual Outings #2: Mid Top Elevator Sneakers

When you want to step out in style on the weekend, rock these fashion-forward Mid Top Elevator Sneakers. The bold blocks of colors, camel colored tongue and laces, and sharp detailing make these an eye-catching pair of sneakers that no one will suspect has an elevator insole inside.

For a night out at the bars or for a stroll through the city, this is one pair of sneakers you’ll want to have in your wardrobe.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Casual Outings #3: Men’s Knit Trainers 3 Inches Tall

After a week in the office, it’s time to show off your funky side with these retro cool Men’s Knit Trainers 3 Inches Tall. Thanks to bursts of blue and red coloring and a knit upper, this pair of elevator sneakers comes through with an easy-to-wear fit that goes with just about anything. Rock it with joggers, slim-fit jeans, or sweats to style your weekend however you want.

Best Height Increasing Sneakers For Business Casual Outfits

When there’s a professional meeting or presentation at stake, you’ve got to bring your fashion A-game. But who’s to say sneakers can’t pair with your suit? Below, we present three fashionable cases for elevator sneakers as professional wear.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Business Casual Outfits #1: Soft Leather Elevator Casual Shoes

When you have to step up your game at work, dial up the focus with these Soft Leather Elevator Casual Shoes. Subtle details, sharp laces, and an all-black look make these a professional choice for your next presentation, pitch, or interview. You’ll stand taller (thanks to an included 6 cm elevator insole) and look more put together for the ultimate business casual outfit.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Business Casual Outfits #2: Elevator Nubuck Casual Shoes

Who says work clothes always have to be black? Buck the trend with these light-colored Elevator Nubuck Casual Shoes. The tan and brown styling here lets you play with other colors in your wardrobe, like greys, plaids, and brighter solids like red and blue for a welcome relief from neutrals. Use these as a way to liven up a dull winter day or to complete a springtime outfit.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Business Casual Outfits #3: Height Increasing Sneakers

The sharp, crisp design of these Height Increasing Sneakers will add a breath of fresh air to any office. When paired with a light grey suit or slim fitting khaki chinos, these white kicks come alive. Keep them clean for your new favorite go-to work wardrobe option.

Best Height Increasing Sneakers For Travel

Comfort is the name of the game while we travel. When you still want to look and feel your best, though, it’s nice to have a little lift in your shoes while staying comfy. Below are three of our favorite height-increasing sneakers for frequent travelers.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Travel #1: Lightweight Mesh Elevator Sneakers

Perfect for running through the airport to catch a flight (though we hope you never have to), these Lightweight Mesh Elevator Sneakers allow your feet breathability and comfort, no matter what type of traveling situation you end up in. 

Even though it’s important to be comfortable for long-haul flights or lots of layovers, there’s no reason you can’t look your best, too. With 6 cm of lift and a sharp design, these elevator sneakers do the trick.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Travel #2: Casual Shoes That Make You Taller

Comfort and class come together in these Casual Shoes That Make You Taller. If you’re heading out for a business trip or a weekend getaway, look no further than these classically designed sneakers with a few neutral accents. Focus on comfort, feel your best, and stand taller with included boosts of either 6 cm or 8 cm.

Height Increasing Sneakers For Travel #3: Knit Sneakers That Make You Taller

When you’re spending a long time on your feet, you want shoes that keep you comfortable. 

These Knit Sneakers That Make You Taller don’t just have an included height boost. They also have knit uppers that allow for breathability and a supportive outsole made especially for long days. With a nod towards some other fashion-forward sneakers, this is a pair you’ll look forward to traveling with.

Where To Buy Height Increasing Sneakers

We hope this guide was helpful in pointing you toward some of the most exciting styles of height-increasing sneakers to buy as gifts. Whether you’re looking for friends, families, your significant other, or you just want to treat yourself, height-increasing sneakers are a great way to stand taller, feel more confident, and look more stylish.
You can buy any of the shoes above by clicking the link, or you can go to Shoes That Make You Taller to browse their entire collection of elevator sneakers.

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